Drag queen straddles girl at North Carolina public school

A new video that has gone viral shows a drag queen putting her arms around a little girl while the two were celebrating LGBTQ pride at a school in North Carolina that accepts pupils as young as 14.

A student at Forsyth Technical Community College appeared to be the recipient of a lap dance on Wednesday, according to a video that was obtained by Libs of TikTok. The video also showed numerous adults smiling while watching the drag performance.

There are two high school programs offered on-campus by the public college, and enrollment begins at the ninth grade level. There were photos of drag queens posing with young girls that were uploaded on Instagram by the official account of the school.

According to the school, pupils of all ages were welcome to attend the event that was being held. According to the institution, “These students, just like all other college students, are open to attending any student event.” “Forsyth Technical Community College is dedicated to becoming a place that is full of hope for its students. In order to keep that promise, we have articulated our company’s purpose, vision, and equity statements in a clear and concise manner.”

The 2023 Pride Festival was held at a restaurant on campus, and promotional materials for the event promoted free food, beverages, music, and activities in addition to advertising four drag queens and a “drag performance.”